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Obstacle Course Race Ready Program

Congratulations on joining the OCR Ready Program!

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Your Action Steps:

  1.  Lower on this page is a feedback form. Share your thoughts so I can make this program everything you’re hoping it will be.
  2. Bookmark the Facebook Group & turn on “All Posts” under ‘Notifications’ so you can stay up to date on all of the group happenings.  Also be sure to review the “Welcome: Orientation” posts under the “Units” tab; this is where you’ll find all of the updates and weekly lessons. Under the “Files” section is where you can access all pdf and longer form materials. 
  3. All workouts and lectures will take place at O2 Body Fit in Daly City every Sunday, from (8:30am-10:30) Sept 8th – Dec 1st (except Week 3 which will be Saturday, Sept 21st). The schedule appears below and any updates or changes can be found in the Facebook group:

O2 Body Fit

56 Hill Street 

Daly City, CA 94105

Phase 1 [Weeks 1-4]

Wk 1: (Sun) Sept 8th

Wk 2: (Sun) Sept 15tth

Wk 3: (Saturday) Sept 21st

Wk 4: (Sun) Sept 29th

Phase 2 [Weeks 5-8]

Wk #5: (Sun), Oct 6th

Wk #6: (Sun), Oct 13th

Wk #7: (Sun), Oct 20th

Wk #8: (Sun), Oct 27th 

Phase 3 [Weeks 8-13]

Wk #9: (Sun), Nov 3rd

Wk #10: (Sun), Nov 10th

Wk #11: (Sun), Nov 17th 

Wk #12: (Sun), Nov 24th 

Wk #13: (Sun), Dec 1st 

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Thanks in advance for taking action!  Looking forward to seeing you in camp!

  • Coach Nate Brugnara